Our product range consists mainly of steel sheet switchboards based on supplied project documentation type switchboards conforming to State Examining SKTC 101, or according to individual customer requirements. Boxes with enclosures up to IP54, locksmith products etc.
     All of our quotations guarantee speedy delivery conditions and the best and most economical solutions to meet your most taxing demands. We also provide delivery of switchboards according to agreed terms.
     We use different steel sheet manufacturing technologies such as shearing, clipping, perforating, bending, carbon dioxide welding, resistance welding, surface condenser method, etc.

Surface finish

      We utilise Electrostatic powder-coating technology from NORDSON USA. We mainly use either epoxy-polyester or polyester powder, baked at 200 ˚C, with a structural surface finish in either gloss or semi-mat, RAL 7032, 7035 tints. All colours and tints from the RAL product range are available to be applied to your order.

Electrical apparatus

      All of our switchboard apparatus is sourced from renowned and established manufacturers such as, Hagard Hal, Construct, Verex etc.
      Our most popular machine brands are: MOELLER, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, OEZ Letohrad, Schrack, Siemens, EFEN, Betterman and SEZ Krompachy.


     Power lined copper or alluminium. The machine tools we use allow us to process sheets of 150/15 mm cross-section.


     All electrical switchboard are tested according to STN EN 60439-1. After these stringent tests, a result-based protocol and match declaration are drawn up.

Electric meter boxes for mounting on a plaster wall „Z“

      The boxes are made of zinc coated, steel sheet metal 1.5 – 2 mm thick, electrical enclosure up to IP43, end aperture opening IP00, or IP20 for the left/right-opening access panel. Hinges are Dirak or Emka with a microporous rubber sealing pad and a bolt-type lock. Surface finish is a sand colour tint, to RAL 7032, 7035 specification. The mounting frame is attached using four M6 screws.

     We can supply the following dimensions to suit your specification:

Width and height of the box: 300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000,1200,1500,1800,2000 mm
Depth of the box: 100,150,200,250,300,350,400 mm

     Dimensions are without outer bending, which is 45 mm each side. Control and signalling devices can be located on the cabinet doors.

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